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To My Angel Hannah and all the other baby Angels.  / Helena Card (Mother)

To my Angel Hannah and all the other Angel babies out there, God bless each and everyone of you.

Please visit my Angel Hannah and light a candle in her memory.xx.

TO ALL MOMS!!!!!  / Killians Mommy
Please stay tuned, i am writing a legacy for all of our angels, to be posted permamnently very soon. 

Killians Mommy
Good night Hugs  / Tally Jackson Mommy To Angel Lucas

If we could wrap our arms around you,
and cradle you through the night.
We'd hold on to you forever
with all our strength and might.
by Tally Jackson

We Love You!!

Pray a little everyday  / Jennie Schrantz (Mother)
I feel the pain of all of you here. we lost our little girl Ebony Grace Schrantz on the 18.05.2006 at 32 weeks no reason why???????
An Angel in the book of life wrote down all our babies births and wispered as she closed the book too beautiful to live on earth.
our beauitful angels  / Kelly-ann Buick (mother)

I know our little angels are watching over us smiling proud of us all as we are being as strong as we can,2 weeks ago (28/6/06)god decide to take my little angel up to heaven to be with him. I gave born to a little girl called latisha grace buick 13 weeks early they dont know what when wrong but something did as shes not in my arms today. i miss her so much and as you all would feel that words cant tell how you feel. Our little angels i know i speak on everyone here that we will never forget you and that we miss you all so mad and that theres never a day that we wish we could hold just once more.

Hugs & Kissies  / Sarah Mummy To Riley Wright

Hugs & Kissies 
to all the beautiful angel babies - we love you very much


for my darling jessica  / Jessica Szydelko's Mummy

for you my darling princess i love you very much no words can ever describe the love 

Good night beautiful babies  / Tally Jackson Mommy To Angel Lucas

Hugs & Kisses to you all xoxoxoxo  / Killians Mommy
We will celebrate your lives tomorrow, we love you!  / Killians Mommy
Memorial Day used to be "just another day off", it now means so much more because of my Killian, I love you & all of your angel friends sweety, Mommy xoxoxoxo
Thinking of your Mommy, Killian  / Craig Sehon's Mom Caleigh Kirk's Nana #2 (vistor)

Flowers from Killan to his Mommy

rest peacefully babies xoxoxo  / Killians Mommy

You will all leave an impact on the world, you did exist and will always be honored for the treasures that you are, We love you all, Keena, Killians mommy
The Angels will play with you til we get there xoxoxoxoxo  / Killians Mommy

All of you have a beautiful day in Heaven today, we know that the angels will take wonderful care of our babies until we get there, maybe they will even play with you all, we love you & miss you, be good Killian, mommy loves you xoxoxoxo
May all the little angels watch over us  / Noel Augustin (mommy)
Such beautiful babies.  It breaks my heart that not only my son but everyone else here does not have their child to hold and love here on earth.  May they watch over us every second of our lives.  One day we will hold them again and love them for eternity.
Not a moment goes by that we dont think of all of you, WE love U!  / Killians Mommy
God Blessed us with you if only for a moment, some people dont ever get even one second with their baby, we are blessed and will see you again one day, to play for eternity xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox, Luv Keena, Killians mommy
Good night  / Tally Jackson Mommy To Angel Lucas

"Now I lay me down to sleep"
Sweet dreams, babies. We love you!!

Sweet Babies  / Hayley Tindall (Daphne's Mommy )
Nite nite sweet little ones. We love you so much. Take care of each other until we are reunited with you again. I am so glad my Daphne is surrounded by all you sweet angels. I know Jesus is taking very good care of her but I am so glad she has so many good friends to help him. My son Daphne's big brother loves the song "Chatter with the Angels" Chatter with the angels so in the morin, Chatter with the angels in that land. Chatter with the angels so in the morin, Chatter with the angels join that band. I hope to join that band and chatter with the angels all day long. I hope to join that band and chatter with the angels all day long, chatter with the angels all day long.....................I can't wait to chatter with the angels soon in the morin.

Love to you all.
you guys take care of each other & have a glorious, fun day in Haeven ok?  / Killians Mommy
Amimation.gif - 29435 BytesWE LOVE YOU ALL< KEENA< KILLIANS MOMMY
Jesus will take good care of you all!!!  / Killians Mommy
Precious in His Sight Safe on Jesus's lap, being told all about their Mommies. WE love you so very much, Luv Keena, Killians MOmmy
Good night, beautiful babies  / Tally Jackson Mommy To Angel Lucas

Here I am once again visiting all these precious angels. Heaven must be the most beautiful place because it is filled with beautiful faces. We miss you little ones so, so much., and we need your comfort. Keep watching over us and help us through each day. We love you more than words can express. You each are very special ... to everyone!! With lots of love and kisses... GOOD NIGHT <3 <3

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