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everyone / Summer Jewell (mummy)
happy new year everyone.i hope you all have a warm and safe new year.our angels are watching over us as we enter a new and fresh begining.with thoughts and love always and forever summers mummy(alana)  take care and god bless you all++++++
Heart / Dianne
Another Christmas  / Theresa Cook (Mother)
My dearling baby girl.
Your birthday has just past, and you would be 8 now ( December 15 ). Another christmas is here and you are not here.
It has been 8 years and I still miss you everday. You have a little brother that turned 5 on the 19th. He talks about you all the time , and ask's questions to. I donot know how I do it, but I do. It still seems like yesterday, that my life changed for the worst, you are sopost to be here, not there, but I still have you in my heart and mind.
I love you so very much and miss you everday.
love mommy

christmas without you  / Hannah Wren (mother)
As I write this I am deeply sadden by the time of year in which I am not spending it with my beautiful angel Eleanor Faith.
 Just two months ago I recieved the heart breaking news that my daughter would not be spending her life here on earth but in the heavens. When the most precious thing in the world is taken away for no reason the reality never feels real.
So at this time of year and every day my heart goes out to every mother who has or is about to face the heartbreak which I know so well.
Merry christmas eleanor faith and all you beautiful angels may you all play together in heaven.x x x x
Goodnight my darling I love you now until we meet again love you mummy x x x x x
Grief / Paula (Zack's Mommy) Twardowski (also a stillborn mother )
"Grief can cause us to relate differently to God, ourselves, and others.  We may look the same, but we are forever changed and must learn to communicate and connect in new ways.  We speak a new tongue: the language of loss."    Kathe Wunnenberg

I too have recently lost my baby due to stillborn death and know too well the pain it causes.  I think that what you have done to help others is an extraordinary thing.  All God's children are beautiful and especially our heavenly angels.

Baby Edwards  / Raquel Kane (Aunt)
In Loving memory of my nephew "Baby Edwards" born prematurely at 16 weeks, November 28, 2006.

Auntie loves you and misses you.
Blessed Christmas  / Maria Zollo Angel Mum To Amore, Cara, Teressa &. Pieta ZolloSemmler

To all the sweet angels and their loved ones,

Wishing you all the many blessings of 
peace, love, comfort and 
the joy of Christmas 

Hugs and prayers,
Maria and family.

Thinking of these Angels and their Families during this Holiday Season  / Three Angels (Forum Frien )
My Thoughts and Prayers are with each of you during this Holiday Season. Many Blessings to each of you, and I pray for Comfort and Peace in Your Lives.  Linda

Christmas Star xXx  / Lynz (Mummy To Angel Alice )
 Very Merry Christmas To You!

Merry Christmas
Happy New Year too
May your dreams come true
And may a Christmas Alice Star

Shine brightly where you are
I wish a Very Merry Christmas to you

Litany of rememberance.  / Maria Zollo Angel Mum To Amore, Cara, Teressa &. Pieta ZolloSemmler


In the rising of the sun and in it's going down
we remember them.

In the blowing of the wind and the
calm of it's stillness,
we remember them.

In the opening of the buds and in the
rebirth of spring,
we remember them.

In the blueness of the sky and in the
warmth of summer,
we remember them.

In the rustling of the leaves and in the
beauty of autumn,
we remember them.

In the midpoint of the year, and in its
beginning and end,
we remember them.

When we are weary and in need of strength,
we remember them.

When we are lost and sick at heart,
we remember them.

When we have joys we yearn to share,
we remember them.

So long as we live, they too shall live,
for they are now and always part of us,
we remember them.


thankyou / Alana Schwabe (summers mummy )
  id just like too thank you all so much for the love and support that you have given too me and my family and too my precious summer,you have touched our hearts deeply with the compassion and warmth you all have.thankyou all from the bottom of my heart.may god be with you and your angels+++++++
                   with love and reguards
                           alana[summers mummy]
precious angels  / Alana Schwabe (summers mummy )
                    precious angels                                       
hi everyone my name is alana,my heart goes out to everyone that has lost a angel.i feel the pain and hurt that your going through as i lost my sweet little angel only 4mnths ago,she was a stillborn angel, summer had a heart problem and left us suddenly,the emptiness and pain will never go and my tears will always flow,but i know that our sweet angels are watching us from up above.their memories will remain and their legacy will go when your feeling down and feel that you can't go on just remeber our angels are with us in spirit,heart and mind.take care...with love and thoughts..
                            alana [summers mummy]

What are angels  / Julia Brammer (passing through )

I came to this site. Cause as a mommy you are trying to find answers. Some of us ask why my baby. God picks the mommy and daddy of each child. Well I can only image what you are going through. Having a child and not going home with that wonderful joy package. I my self was there, My daughter being born at 29 wks. and very sick. But she made it but only to be taken in untimely way from us. There are no words to say to make it better. Cause lossing a child is hardest thing to go through. I hope you find your road as I have too. May our angels show us the way. Cause some of us are here for mins, some for hours, some for days, Some of us live longer time line. But the little memories are the best of them all. How wonderful little angel we have waitting for us in heaven. Your hearts are broken  and in time they will come back together from our memories of our children . May you find your light and go through life here on earth. Cause one day God will ask for us. That day you will no look for answers but hold our child and love them as you care for them in heaven. Life will be up hill and down hill for a while. But you will have good days and bad days. That ok. You are not crazy you just want the child you plan on bring home with you. If it  helps you get by in the day ~ remember, sing,crying,praying is that roller coaster you are on. Life will be different. I can say it is hard road, but you will make it. If you need a friend. I will be that one for you. I dont know none of you here. But like my daughter heart of gold and kind to all people she meet in her short time on earth.  I will put my hand out to you. If you need me. 

Friend for life. 

You Are So Loved!  / Three Angels (Forum Friend )

You are all so precious. For every family who are represented here. Please accept my heartfelt condolences.  Linda Ward

A Candle lit for all our precious babies!  / Maria Angel Mum To Amore, Cara, Teressa &. Pieta ZolloSemmler

In honour of all our babies and their families.

Blessings, Maria.


 As part of the October 15th 
Pregnancy and Infant Loss Day Awareness Rememberance
we invite you to join us - 
wherever you are across the world - 
in releasing balloons to celebrate & 
honour our precious babies. 

Whether this is conjunction with your local 
Candle lighting service, Walk to remmeber or 
just a private gathering, 
take strength in knowing that we 
'walk' this journey together with 
the company of those who care.

You are most welcome to use my poem 
"We'll remember forever" 
for this occassion if you wish, 
but please if you distribute or publish 
it must include, 
Copyright Maria Zollo 2006 
All rights reserved. 

It would be very lovely to hear from you all 
about your celebrations and the 
experiences of your events.

Blessings of peace and love always 
to you, your angels and 
your families.

"We'll remember forever!"  / Maria Zollo Angel Mum To Amore, Cara, Teressa &. Pieta ZolloSemmler

"We'll remember forever."

We come together, a gathering of 
parents, mourners
To honour our children, our loves
For whether your life here was a moment, 
hours or years
We remember – and forever
You live
In our hearts
In heaven
Shaping our thoughts and our lives.

We come together, because 
forever we’ll remember
Your preciousness, beauty and love.
To acknowledge your lives
Your importance
Our child
Your legacy
Gift and grace.
For had we had a lifetime
We’d love just the same
We remember forever as we 
come together today.

Silent prayers, thoughts or tears - we release
Our hearts broken in pain
Pausing now for a moment
Uninterrupted -to express
Those things society would like best left unsaid.
Towards the heavens
our balloons rise
Higher higher they fly
Like butterfly messengers
And Rainbows promise of gold
As we say our goodbyes - again

We’ll come together forever, and remember. 

Copyright Maria Zollo 2006
All rights reserved.

"Wave of Light!"  / Maria Zollo Angel Mum To Amore, Cara, Teressa &. Pieta ZolloSemmler

Please join in honouring our 
precious babies!

Blessings, Maria.

Raindows / Maria Zollo Angel Mum To Amore, Cara, Teressa &. Pieta ZolloSemmler

Somewhere over the rainbow

Way up high
There are angels we dream of
Singing lullabys

Somewhere over the rainbow
Dreams come true
Where the angels are singing
Just for you

Each night we wish upon a star
To wake up where the rainbows are
Beside us

Where every tear is wiped away
And angels dance and sing and play
That’s where you’ll find us

Somewhere at the end of a rainbow
At Jesus’ side
Angels’ hearts are connecting
Your love and ours

Somewhere at the end of a rainbow 
Our dream is true
We’ve found the Pot of Gold
And babies it‘s you!

If happy little angels fly
With hearts of love for you and I
Then why do we still cry? 

Copyright Maria Zollo 2006
All rights reserved.

Butterflies. / Maria Zollo Angel Mum To Amore, Cara, Teressa &. Pieta ZolloSemmler

The butterfly is seen as a creature that
connects the earth to the skies.

In cultures all over the world,
butterflies are thought to represent souls.

The Aztecs believed
that souls of brave warriors and
relatives visited the living
in the form of

In Irish folklore,
the butterfly represents
a person's soul.

Its light and airy wings allows the soul
to cross into the Otherworld.

During medieval times,
paintings and sculptures of
angels showed
butterfly-shaped wings. 


Dear Angel parents,

I hope this helps you to see 
our angels are everywhere
in beauty, nature and
that death is not permanent,
just a breath into a transition
of another life.

All my love and
blessings always,

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