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my baby kane  / Kane Jennings (mother)
daddy and i were so excited when we found out i was pregnant with you,you see we wanted more children,we already had 2 scott now 1 and jade 14 but we wanted just one more to make our family complete and that was you baby girl,the day i started to bleed i knew you were already gone,i went into hospital and after a scan they told me you had been dead for a few days i couldnt take it in you couldnt be gone not now not now, i really wanted you to dry when i gave birth but i knew deep down you never would i looked at you and willed you to breathe but you never would,the nurse told me she thought you were a boy so we named you and had you blessed with the name KANE over the next few days we chose flowers a casket and prayers to be said at your service,people came said how sorry they felt,but how would they know how could they know but then i heard people tell me of the angels they lost and realised it wasnt just me going through this..14 weeks after you had died i had an appointment at the hospital for test results they did it was then they told me you werent a boy you were a little girl your dad and i decided not to change your name not to be bitter we had lost our baby it didnt matter what sex we had lost you so kane i think about you everyday i love you more than words can say untill we meet again someday granny will take care of you love you angelxxx
70 a day is far too many  / Allyson Council (passerby)

I was reading over this site and I could not believe that stillbirth claims the lives of 70 babies a day, one is too many. Maybe the strength and courage that you as parents show with your willingness to share your stories on this site will help in some way. I have not personally experienced a loss like you have but my heart goes out to you. I am so sorry for all of your losses and wish there was something I could do or say to ease your losses but there are no words. I pray that God grants you the strength and peace that you need to get thru the days ahead. May God bless all of you and your families.

Allyson Council

Baby James Paul Farrelly  / Liz Kane (Mother)

When I found out I was pregnant we where so happy. I just could not believe it we where going to have a baby. I had done 2 tests that week the 1st was my driving test & the 2nd was a pregnancy test & passed both. I could not wait for my due date 26th july 2008. I thought that day would never come. But if I knew what was going to happen I would have never wished it to come so quickly. Everything had been ok until I got a kidney infection @ 21 weeks, the pain was so bad I went to the hospital. They said everything was ok with you that you where healthy & there was nothing to worry about. They gave me an anti-biotic which seemed to clear it up. On the 31st of march it was your daddy's birthday so we went out for a meal and had a really good evening & I had felt great. The next day I got up for work & seemed to be fine. At around 10am I got a really bad pain in my back and went into the toilets. I was bleeding & started to panic.1 of the girls from work brought me to the hosptial & waited with me until your daddy arrived. The doctor said they where going to keep me in to keep an eye on us. I really didn't know what was happening but about 10 minutes later my waters broke & I just kept thinking please no this can't be happening it's too early I was only 23 weeks  & 4 days. The doctor came to see us & said we had to wait & see if my labour was going to continue but after my waters had broken the pains had stopped. You where still alive. The next day the nurse came to listen for your heart beat but couldn't find it so we had to wait for the doctor to come & do a scan. She told us she couldn't find 1. You must have passed away during the night. Our whole world fell apart. The following morning the nurse came to give me some tablets to bring on labour that was @ 7am & you where born @ 8.50am on the 3rd april 2008 only 23 weeks & 6 days.We had a lovely service for you on the 7th of april. We laid you to rest with all the other little angels in the holy angels plot in glasnevin as we did not want you to be on your own. We will never ever forget you. You will always be our baby angel. 

 Mammy & Daddy miss you everyday & love you so much xxxxxx


My little Star Angel  / Barbara Tavora (Mother)
My flower Livia came back toward the arms of God leaving an orphan mother and father.
Now she is an angel, the star most shining in the sky.

My Dream, My Life
We always love you, Mommy and Daddy
love you allways  / Baby Angel Hearn (daddy)
we will never forget you my little angel you will always be in our hearts and we all love you dearly and miss you loadslove daddy x x
Ella Briana Ferguson  / Gerri Barsotti (Grandmother)

I was waiting a long time for one of my children to give me a grandchild.  My daughter had in-vitro several times, and finally, Ella Briana took hold.  On the day she was to be delivered, God decided to take Ella back home.  I think she must have changed her mind and did not want to see this world.  I look forward to the day that she and I finally meet.  I want to finally hold my first grandchild. 

This site is a great site to pay tribute to our lost angels.  They are so part of our lives. 

Born an angel  / Tammara Waltz (Mother)

The loss of a child is never easy. And the pain you feel seems never to dissapear. I found out i was pregnate on Christmas morning, he was my lil blessing my gift from god. You see we tried for years, clomid ,IVF, and timing nothing never worked. What a suprising he was, i just knew i was pregnate.  I grew so fast showing at 31/2 months. DR. thought it was twins ultra sound at 13 weeks. I had 1 big heathy lil baby sucking his thumbs and playing with his toes. I never could imagine this could happen i did everything right. we bought a beautifull crib set and would find out the sex that week. But before they started the ultrasound i had a feeling of something not being right, like the feeling i just knew i was pregnate. The tech wouldent tell me much and 2-3 DR. rushing in. My husband and i started to panic. after completing the ultrasound we were told the baby had died. and that he had been dead a few weeks. My heart died also when i heard the news. They would not even tell me the sex. It seemed that it just continued to get worse, we were rushed to our OB. I was told i had a choice A d&e witch means the baby would be torn out of me I would never see him and possibly hemorrage. Or induce the pain of labor and birth this dead child i longed much for. I spent the weekend crying and even though folks may think i am nuts, i decided to indure the pain of labor. I coldent imagen my baby never being born never named never being. I spent 8 hours of extreme painfull labor. Hemorging to the point of the DR. worry and all i cared about was holding this small child.  I naurtaully gave birth to a beautifull perfect lil boy. who had only been deceased for a few days. Every moment of pain was worth holding him and giving him birth and a name. I ended up in surgery shortly after with a blood tranfusion and a D&E to remove my hemorging placenta. Its been a week of pain, sleeping drugs and pain pills.  My milk came in the morning i came home. unfortunetlly my body does not understand i have no baby to feed. I hope this story may help others dealing with thier own pain. And knowing you are not alone. Although born still, Still he was born. Dedicated to ; Michael James Waltz 4-14-08 21 weeks.

my little boy  / Amanda (mom)

Me and Daddy were so excited when we found out we were going to have you. Even though Im only 20, it was something I couldnt wait for. You were due May 27th 2008 and to me, that day just couldnt come soon enough. I lost you Jan 26th, 2 months ago today, and I still think about you everyday. Sometimes I feel like it happened so long ago because you feel so far away, but when I think about that day, it feels like yesterday! We all miss you so much, and Im so glad that I got to hold you and see your perfect face. You looked so much like your daddy and I cant wait to see you again! I hope you know how much your loved even though your gone. I often wonder why God took you, but I know your in good hands. I love you Lucas, your my son and I will never forget you and always love you!!

lov mommy

thank you for this site  / Lorraine Hawkins
hello my name i lorraine i too have had a stillborn daughter called gemma rose in 1993 at 34 week of pregnancy. she would almost be 15 years old now oh how things have changed. this is a fantastic site. A site where stillborn babies can be seen and acknowledged. thank you so much. my sister also had a little boy at 4o week stillborn to his name is tommy jack hewson. 23rd july 2004. we are lucky we have eachother. keep the good work up.
Are angels will play together  / Taylor Collaso (passer by )

I was just searching on the internet and came across Killian's page. I just have to say that he's such a beautiful boy and he must be getting so big in heaven. I lost my son to fullterm stillbirth April 2, 2007. I can't believe its almost a year already. I dont even know where these last 11 months have gone. It seems like yesterday they told me Dominic's heart was silent. I hope that your angel and my Dominic Anthony are playing together up there. When it's time for us to see them again... it will be a day of unbelievable and unmeasurable joy. God bless xoxo

please also visit

I created that site in memory of my son. On it, there is a "more angels" page and I would be honored to add your angel is you would like to.

Happy First Birthday  / Daddy,Mommy,Sis,Bro Tagawa (Family)

To our precious Lauryn,

Today marks the date of your first birthday.  Today was very hard on all of us.  We let some balloons go for you I hope you get the messages.  I know your up there looking after us but we can't help but miss you.  Everyday it gets easier but life will never be the same without you here.  We love you lots and wish you were here but obvious there were other plans for you.  You will always be our guardian angel looking after us.  We see you soon. 


Love always,


Mommy,Daddy, Sister Ashely and Brother Naethan

our precious little kristopher  / Kristopher Verge's Mommy
During my pregnancy I thanked God that you were with me hidden in a place so close to my heart..I talked to you every night. Rubbed my tummy like only a loving mommy would do. You were already such a significant part of my life, that I just could not imagine my life without you in it. I already looked forward to the day you would be born and holding you.  
You were born Kristopher, but far to soon.  When the doctor couldnt hear your heart beating that day, mine broke too.  I cried tears for all the dreams I had for your life. Tears for all the love I had already felt for you.  Tears of frustration that I could not help you anymore.  My body had failed you, and I felt like a failure along with it.  
Here we are 1 year since we lost you, and I will not forget you.  I cannot. For you are my little tiny son, that had such a huge impact on all of your loving family. We miss you angel.  I know you walk beside us on our journey until we can hold you in our arms again and be whole..We love you baby.

Mommy,Daddy, Your Big Brother's, And Auntie Cherish..xo
To my baby Brandon  / Jessica Sanchez (mother)

Dear Brandon,

Al though you aren't here with me today to play, hug or kiss, I pray that one day we will be able to share those moments together.  You are my angel in heaven and to you I will pray to until my dieing day.  I miss you, the kicking in my tummy, the restless nights because you didn't like my left side when I would lay.  The back pain and swollen feet, the songs I would sing to you, the food I would eat with you.  I miss it so much to have you with me, you were of me and of your father.  Now we have to live without you and it's been very hard for me to start over without you.  I know I will be ok but the pain that comes with the time that it will take to get there (being ok) is non explainable.  I love you and will always miss you until we see each other again.

Love you,

your mom

Goodbye my baby  / Amber Haggerty (Mother)
This is for Toby, my first son, stillborn on October 30, 2007.  I was at 24 weeks and did not expect this.  He was stillborn on the same day that TJ lost his grandmother eight years ago.  Your mommy and daddy miss you terribly and love you more than anything in the world.  I felt you kick and miss laying in the bed in the morning before daddy woke up just letting you play inside me.  Daddy and mommy love you and hope that Great Grandma Lorraine is taking good care of you in heaven.
Thinking of all you beautiful babys  / Sharon My~*~Siobhan
thinking of you all today with love xx  / Sarah Porter Angel Lauras Mummy
Hello, little man!  / Sarah Eyer (Jonathan Daniel Eyer's mommy~ still born on November 9th, 2006. )
Hi, Jonathan! I love you andn think about you often. We are expecting another little one. Mommy's due date is may 9th, 2008. Mommy and daddy are so excited! We love and miss you terribley! See you in Heaven someday!
The Journey  / Leanne Alvarez (Mother)
I walked one day in Heaven,
And met a very young soul,
Who spoke of such a story,
That I knew in my heart I knew to you it needed to be told,

He told me how he lived a life that was shortest, if at best,
He told me how he grew and grew, but had to leave before living out the rest,
He told me how he was just a tiny baby when God beckoned him to call, 
And that he knew his mother must have really missed the baby living within her walls,

But never in anything he said, did I get a feeling of any worry, hurt, or dread,
Because he spoke with a child-like smile on his face,
And told me that God, for just a short time, was able to comfort him in his mother's place,
He told me that she had loved him with everything she had and he knew that everyday, in every single way,

And as we walked I heard him laugh and watched him melt into a woman's grasp,
She came and hugged him tightly and slowly caressed his face,
I had no doubt in my mind what I was watching in this place,
For it was evident and written all over his beautiful face, 

For time in Heaven is but a moment as the same time on Earth seems surreal,
And for those that wait in Heaven, it is but a second in the eternal wheel,
And the same young soul who had told me of a story that normally would fill someone with woe,
Was now standing being held by his mother at his side who had waited only but a lifetime to have her baby boy Wyatt at her side.....

Written by K. Paskus for me and my angel baby Wyatt
i feel your pain....same for me  / Emily Levison
i just want to offer my sympathy i know that it does not help with how sad this tragedy is all i can say is i feel your pain i went through the exact same thing with my second pregnancy i lost him and i was full term i went in for a schedualed doctors appointment an when they did the heart beat check they did not find one and they did an ultra sound and still saw nothing it was heart breaking bc i was full term an a week away no less than a week away i had 4 days left until my c-section an it was schedualed bc my son was breech......i had called the doctors an told them i did not feel my baby movin an they told me to wait until my next appointment i called them 3 times within 2 weeks an they said to wait,,,,,,,my baby was strangled the umbilical cord wrapped around his neck 3 times...................i lost my son on july 2nd 2007 just last month we barried him on july 10 of 07........may god bless his soul............i kept askin myself why and the only thing i can come up with is i wasnt meant to have him right then but i will have my baby again one day when it is my time to go i will see my little Alexander Lee Levison in heaven when i get i offer my condolences and i am so sorry for your loss 
may god be with u 
emily levison 
p.s my son is on here as well
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