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Flowers for all Mommies of angels born sleeping xoxoxo  / Killians Mommy
Flower1n2May God Bless us with his strenght, his comfort & his patience as we bare this burden, this emptiness inside.
Luv to all of you & all of our precious amazing children, Luv Keena
i,ll be there  / Cheryl Cannon (harlei jr cannon )
I'll be there

Daddy please don’t look so sad, mummy please don’t cry.
Cause I’m in the arms of Jesus and he sings me lullabies.
please, try not to question god, don’t think he is unkind.
don’t think he sent me to you, and then he changed his mind.
You see i am a special child, and im needed up above.
im the special gift you gave to him, im a product of your love.
I'll always be there with you, and watch the sky at night.
just find the brightest gleeming star, thats my halo shining light.

you'll see me in the morning frost, that mists your window pane.
thats me in all the summer showers, dancing in the rain.
when you feel a little breeze, from a gentle wind that blows.
thats me, i'll be there, planting kisses on your nose.
when you see a child thats playing and your heart feels a tug.
thats me, i'll be there giving your heart a hug.
so daddy please dont look so sad, and mummy please dont cry.
I'm in the arms of Jesus, and he sings me lullabies.

god keep our precious angels safe and warm, wrapped in your love
Good night angels  / Mommy To Lucas Tally Jackson

As we sleep tonight, 
shower us with your love.
Give us angelic kisses
That can only come from above.

Let us know you are with us
Show us you are near.
Use your small, precious wings
To wipe away our tears.

-written by Tally Jackson

Good night precious babies, we love you xoxoxoxo  / Killians Mommy

Luv to you all, sleep well & sweet dreams(be good Killian, I love you)
You all cuddle up together, sweet dreams xoxoxoxoxo  / Killians Mommy - More than just glitter graphics!
Sleep tight angels, we love u all very much, we know you are warm and hanging onto each other & Jesus, until we meet again, kisses & hugsssssss to you all. (Be a good boy Killian, help with the littler angel babies ok sweety?), Luv Killians mommy
Night Night Babies  / Mommy To Angel Lucas
Night,Night Babies!
We love you all so much. Sweet dreams in Heaven... Tally J.
GOOD MORNING  / Tally Jackson Mommy To Angel Lucas

I know all of you are playing together on this beautiful morning. You have the soft clouds under your bare feet and you can play all day never tiring. Even though we miss you so much here, I can only imagine how wonderful it has been for you all. You never knew any emotion except for love. You never felt anger, sadness, jealousy... you were only given love from parents that cared for you from the time you were just a small seedling. And now, in Heaven there is still no sadness or pain ...  only happiness and peace. You are very lucky little angels to have been chosen by the Lord. He needed you. Although we need your presence here too, we know we will be able to hold you again one day and enjoy the wonderous place you all have experienced. Play smart, Lucas. Mommy loves you and all your angel friends. I pray that God will continue to bless our families with peace and comfort. He blessed us before ... with the most beautiful children we could have prayed for. He blessed us with a love that only a parent can know. A love so deep that it is impossible to imagine it's strength. He blessed us before, and he will continue to give us blessings. We only have to believe. I LOVE YOU AND MISS YOU BUNCHES AND MORE>... Lucas' Mommy

You are all safe & happy in Jesus' arms, hes very lucky xoxoxo  / Killians Mommy
 We Love you all so very much, Keena, Killians mommy

Sleep Peacefully Sweet Angels  / Christie Moore (Friend of Angel Lucas Jackson's Mommy )

Rest with the Lamb of God sweet, precious babies.  You are loved so much! 
God bless all of our stillborn angels - May they rest in peace.....  / LuAnn (Gramma)

The Most Precious Gift we have ever been given!!!!  / Killians Mommy
Wrapped so beautifully, so warm & special, the best part of us. What a gift!!!!! Luv Keena, Killians mommy
We love you babies so very much!!!!!  / Killians Mommy (xoxoxoxoxoxo)
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Good night precious babies, u r sooooo missed !!!!  / Killians Mommy
In Memory of Our Amazing Children, we love you so mush & miss you More than you could ever know!!! ( I Luv U My Killian) xoxoxoxo
Good Night Precious, Angels of ours!!!!  / Killians Mommy
Sleep tight, we love you all so much. (Special kisses to my Killian)
xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo, Luv Killians mommy, Keena
In Loving Memory of All You Amazing Precious Babies of Ours!  / Killians Mommy (xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo)
of each & every one of you. Oh how we miss you, but will always honor you & never ever forget you!!!!!!!!, Luv Killians mommy
I hope you all have a happy happy day in Heaven! xoxoxoxoxo  / Killians Mommy
We Love You And Miss You But We know You are all safe & happy just waiting for your mommies to get there to play with you!
Luv to you all(and a special kiss for my Killian) xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo
a grandmothers story  / Cheryl Cannon (nanny of harlei jr cannon )
mum, my girlfriends pregnant, not exactly what i wanted to hear at 38 years old, but worse things happen, so we got on with things. and as therezes bump grew so did my excitement!!! then she had a 3d scan...AMAZING.. we were having a grandaughter. (i had given birth to 3 boys, but always wanted a girl to spoil). i was in my element and couldnt wait. i was probably a typical interfering mother-in-law, always ringing checking how everything was going, how thereze felt, how my granddaughter was kicking..etc etc. i went out and bought the most beautiful frilly pink dress i could find. my family made up baby baskets, my mum (harleis great grand mother) bought dresses and booties. we were so looking forward to the birth of this special little princess. she was due on october 1st 2005, the day after my sons 21st birthday and a week after her mum's 21st birthday. as the date drew near we all waited with bated breath, would she be born on one of their birthdays?? thereze was taken into hospital on monday september 27th because harlei wasnt moving. they said all was ok, she was in labour but not enough to do anything and then they sent her home. the same thing happened on the thursday 30th september...they sent her home again... saturday morning 1st october 2005. d-day, i was on pins all morning waiting and wondering if she would be born on the actual day she was due???? the phone rang, i was driving, at a busy roundabout, it was lee, i put the phone on hands free. this was it- my beautiful precious granddaughter was on her way???then words i never ever ever want to hear again, my son sobbing distraught, "mum, my little girls dead" how i didnt crash i dont know. i rushed to the hospital. thereze had been taken in in labour that morning, all was fine, she heard her daughters heartbeat. then the monitor broke and by time they got another one my granddaughter was DEAD!!!! they then tried to say that thereze and lee hadnt heard harleis heartbeat at all and it was really therezes they had heard. i cant and wont even try to explain our pain (each of you  who have lost an angel will know what i mean). thereze went through full labour with no pain relief of help (WHAT AN AMAZING GIRL) and WHAT AN AMAZING SON I HAVE, he was so strong. i was a mess. but i had to pull it together to be there for them both. they took Harlei home for 3 days before she was buried. three wonderful days where they could be with their daughter. but it was all so wrong, they should have been playing with her spoiling her, not planning a funeral. it wasnt fair, they both wanted this child so so much...WHY????? but we will never know. the hospital could not give us a reason for her death, she was perfect, nothing wrong at all except she was dead... they said think of it as a cot death in the womb.(my gp has never heard of this). anyway we buried her and we visit her resting place all of the time, her headstone has finally gone up at last. but from a grandmothers point of veiw, i will never be the same. i grieve for my granddaughter, but i also grieve for my son and his wonderful girlfriend. im the mum i should have been able to help them and i copuldnt, i would give up my life gladly, if i could give them their little princess back. so i would just like to say if there are any granparents out there who want to rant and rave, or whatever please feel free to e-mail me, because as grandparents our grief is different. god bless to all of the families of our little angels...xxxxxxxxxxx
We are always thinking of our precious babies!  / Killians Mommy
We love you all so very much!!!

Luv Killians Mommy
Dear Sweet angels, have an amazing day in the Heavenlies!  / Killians Mommy
We send you all lots of hugs & kisses, we love & miss you so very much. Luv Killians mommy!
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