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My Angel Baby Lee  / Roxie Davis (Mommy)
On February 18, 2018 at 3:30am, I gave birth to the MOST BEAUTIFUL baby BOY weighing 4.2 oz. and 7 in. in length. He was born with my big forehead, wide nose, and full lips and Kendrick’s big ears, tall height, long fingers, and big feet, but, unfortunately, he had no heartbeat. I could question God or blame myself for what I did or didn’t do, but this was all part of His plan. He needs him more than we do. I want to thank the wonderful staff at Piedmont Fayette Hospital who went above and beyond my expectations for how they cared for me and especially my son. Thank you to Rachel's Gift for the lovely mementos including an angel bear and blue and green crocheted blanket. A big thank you to Anastesia for visiting us in the hospital both nights we were there and bringing us stuff that we needed, Lincoln for giving me beautiful flowers, Joshua for stopping by and preoccupying our minds for a moment, and everyone who called and texted and prayed with us and for us. Thank you to everyone reading this who shared in the joy of us experiencing our first pregnancy and who feels the pain of us losing our first born. Most importantly, I want to thank Kendrick for being by my side throughout this whole ordeal, staying up the entire night I was in labor, making sure that I was okay while I rested. His concern has been me, even though, he hurts just as much as I do. Just when I think I can’t love him more, he amazes me during our darkest hours. Lastly, I want to thank our son, Lee, who we affectionately named after his grandfather, Clyde Lee Lyons, who is taking great care of him in Heaven. Thank you for allowing me to be your Mommy if only for a short time. The 17 weeks that I carried you are very precious and I will cherish every moment from the morning sickness to seeing you moving around on the ultrasound. I love you dearly and you will forever be Mommy’s baby. Rest in sweet peace, my angel. #MommyAndDaddyToAnAngelBaby👼🏼💙#CompletelyHeartbrokenAndDevastated💔
My little girl Victoria  / Jessica Steenstra (Mother)
In memory of Victoria Isabel Silveira My little girl Victoria Words cannot describe my full love I have for you . I am so devastated by your passing and wish i could do something to change that or turn back time to fix the problem. I cannot turn back time and I cannot change the will of god but I can choose to continue to dream about you and your life in heaven and in my soul. I can choose to not only dream about you day and night but I can choose to live the way you would want me to live. The way you want your mom and dad to be. I will be that mom you wanted me to be, the daughter, aunt, friend ,sister, and wife you dreamed about and look down to earth and hope for. You inspired me to be braver and stronger to carry on a life with you in my heart and hold all that brings me love and joy closer to me. Your impact on me was greater and Stronger than anything I have experienced and for that I thank you. When Your existence came known to us you were the light of not only your father and my life but the whole family. You were loved to pieces by all and always asked about. I know that you are as beautiful as a princess. Your beauty and time to be here on earth must have not been right and god has chosen you as a Angel in heaven . I pray for you my sweet baby that you are protected and loved by all in heaven. I know that you will be welcomed by close family who are there in heaven who will take care of you. I pray that the journal I wrote in, the belly rugs I gave you , the words I told you , the music I played you , and your father kisses will last forever in your mind and heart. Although I am sad , angry , and confused about you leaving I want you to know that you will always be my baby and I will always love you. Victoria you will always be remembered and felt in my heart today , tomorrow, and forever. I love you my lil babe Victoria.
mis / Lorraine Cumberland (mummy)
My sweet baby angel wot can i say its been ayear since u were takin away. itwas such a sad an lonely day n mummy was in such deep pain. i miss u so much i just want to say n hope wer together one sweet day n mummy wont have to feel this pain. mummys loss heavens gain i hope i can remean sain. uve broken my heart in to n nw i dont no wot to doi dnt no y u had to go an leave me feelin so sad n low nw the one thing that gts me thro is ur big sis.she keeps me smiling everyday to see ur smile wud make my day. al keep u always in my heart n then we wnt feel so apart. were do wen u dwn on me u can c just wot u really mean to me.i love u my sleeping angel codie brooke angel cumberland born 5march 2012
My Davine Angel  / Kristi Tackett (Mother)
My son was not stillborn I lost him at 9 weeks gestation I was looking for an email address for you but could not find one so I thought this would be the best way to contact you I am sorry if this is the wrong way. I started a graphics page on Facebook last year in memory of my Davine I do them all for free and wanted to extend my services to you and everyone on your site. I do them all for free losing my baby even though so early was by far the worst pain I have ever felt as a mother I am so sorry your Killian couldn't stay here with you he is very beautiful as are all the babies here. Please visit my page Kristi's Davine Creations and share it with other angel parents Thank You xx
To My Angels  / Dionte' Valier-Berther (Mother)

To My beautiful little boy's Dionte' && Ryder

i miss yous every single day that passes. we are lost with out yous. it has not been the same your daddy misses yous he hurts all the time. i still feel you kicking i miss you kicks when i tickled yous. i miss seeing you in my tummy when i went to the ultrasound scan. i loved my ultrasounds it was like my own little movie on the big screen you where my favorite move. i look at you belongs and wounder what could have been. i dont know why he took you from me he gave me another joy and took him to please give your little brother a kiss for me. i lost you both in the last five months but it feels like forever. i went to counciling today and they pointed out im greving for both daddy n i... i wish you's both could help him... help us. i sleep with you teddy everynight and you ashes by the bed. i wish it was your warmth beside me. i wish your baby brother was the one helping me thru it. he helped me see light. but since he left the last two weeks have been braking my heart. daddys gone away to work and i don't have him to lean on... i miss you my babys... please know we miss and love you!!! xxx

zander lee bell  / Melissa Younger (mother)
its been 17 days since you have been gone an taken up to heaven to god an all your grandparents an great grandparents as well as with your older brother. its been so hard just havin your pic here hurts even more it bothers knowin daddy wasnt able to see you but you will be united with daddy 1 day god had a plan for you or else you would be here just know that your mommy an daddy love an miss you so much an will forever hold you in our hearts... we love you zander lee bell crash its been 3yrs since i held you guess god just wants the best he nows has 2 of my babies you must be so special he took you for himself take care of your baby brother up there he needs you we miss you both oh soooo much an it hurt badly may yous r.i.p together...crash lee bell 3/7/2008 zander lee bell 3/24/2011 mommy an daddy loves yous both so muc...
Kameron Jakar Benjamin  / Pamela Benjamin (Mother)
To my little angel I wish I had more time to spend with you but God had already made plans for you. Mommy and Daddy will always have you in our hearts and will never stop loving you.
To my Angel- Ayden!  / Pamela Robles (Mother)
Mommy misses you so much!!! It has been 3 weeks since you were in my arms.  Life has been difficult to live without you in my life.  But know Jalen Aaliyah Daddy and me pray to you everynight.  And we miss you so so very much.  To the the angel that touched our heart and will be forever in our lives!  We love you son and miss you more than you know!
Thrombophilia,and Pregnancy update:506Q  / Leslie Ogden (Mother)
On Februari 7th 2011  I had went to see the Perinatologist for my Thrombophillia that I have.  I was told that I gotten it inherited by my parents. The doctor had explained that when the females egg & the male's sperm mean each other that I was born with it from one of them. My parent"s have to get tested to see who has it.  I have MTHFR but  single mutation ( A1298C) identified & Factor V Leiden but the single R506Q mutation identified (heterozygote) The doctor put me on Folgard & told me to take it everyday with the baby Asprin. The doctor said I can get pregnant now.

I had went shopping the other day & I found a Angel of Our Daughter's name on it Brianna so I bought it.

We miss our Daughter Brianna so very much.

We Love Brianna very much with all our Heart <3 & Soul.

Losing Our Precious Girl Brianna has changed our lives for the best since it made us a lot stronger & a lot more positive person then we ever were before.

I plan to get Pregnant again this month & if not next month. I have strong believes & a lot of Faith that everything will go well this time with the baby & I.

I went through a lot when I lost our daughter Brianna. I had lost a lot of blood & had to get 2 blood transfusions .

We Love Our Daughter Brianna very much & not a day that goes by that we don't always think about her. We want to say thank you to God for giving us an Angel to protect us all the time & to be with us all the time. We also want to thank God for letting us know what has cause our daughter to pass on & we have a lot of faith & believes that God has answer our prayers to give us a healthy baby this time plus that every thing will go well for myself & the baby.

we also gotten an Angel Lamp with the mother holding the baby to remind us of Our Daughter Brianna.

We Love you Brianna so very much.

Love always xoxoxo Mommy & Daddy
Thrombophilia,and Pregnancy  / Leslie Ogden (Mother)
I just got a call today 01/13/11 from my doctor on my test results on Thrombophilia with my pregnancy for my daughter. the doctor told me the bad news today. That the Thrombophilia had cause my daughter to be stillborn . Thrombophilia is blood clots & is inherited and is history of severe preeclampsia. you can also get it from being on birth control for many years like I was before I got pregnant. I got to Type 1 of Thrombophilia. There are 2 types of it. Type 1 is more mild then Type 2.  The doctor told me that I got go on blood thinners & take more Folic Acid Plus to see a High Risk Pregnancy doctor right away before I get pregnant again. It still upsets me still today aboutwhat I had happened to my daughter. I had done alot of research on things that can cause stillborns. I miss my Daughter Brianna very very much with all my heart & soul. I know she is safe in Heaven with God. Mommy & Daddy misses you so much Brianna that it hurts to be without you with us.  I had my daughter on 11/10/10 .

I got Angels to put up on the Christmas tree to remember my daughter by other angels to put in our house to remember her by.

My Husband got a tattoo on his arm to remember our daughter by with her footprints & full name plus her birthday.

I also have a necklace with her Initial on it with a angel plus got a ring with her birthstone.
We love you so  very very much Brianna <3

We miss you alot also.

Love alwaysxoxoxoxoxo
Mommy & Daddy
The Info for the Alabama Still Birth Certificate  / Katherine Eagerton

Here is the link for the Alabama Still Birth Certificate petition!



Thank you so much!!!!

~ Our Beautiful Precious Child Brianna~  / Leslie Ogden (Mother)

You're Our Precious Angel  from Heaven

Our dream for all the world to see

Our precious gift in all it"s glory

Cause You're everything to me

You're the breeze that blows so slowly

You're the singing bird that rhymes

And the reason for all the goodness

Born  to me our sweet precious child Brianna of mine.

Smiling  with tears  of Joy& Laughter

There is the  beautiful magic within your precious eyes

Like the bright twinkle star in the twilight

For the twilight that never dies.

And when you tell us that you Love us

And We both tell you the same back in return

We feel the precious beauty that's with you

We cry  your sweet beauty of your name Brianna.

The Angel sweet appreared to her

Delivered heaven thoughts

The Love of God invites you so

Your wings of Joy I've brought

With the touch of the warmth to reassure

         This little girl's surprise

A Happiness adorned in dreams

     Before her very precious eyes.

This starled little girl unsure

       To leave her cradled dreams

That had nested in her Heart  from birth

    And yet to be redemed.

To believe is to find the strength

   And the courage that lies within us.

When it is the time to pick up the broken pieces

  And to begin again.

To believe is to know that we are not alone

That Life is a gift & this is our time to Cherish it.

To Believe is to know that there is so many wonderful

surprises that are just waiting to happen

And all our Hopes & dreams are within reach.

Brianna with wish you a Merry Christmas to you Sweet Heart.

We are sending you lot's of hug's & kisses to you& God.

We miss you very very much.

We love you so very very much with all our Heart & our Soul.

Love always

xoxoxoxo Mommy & Daddy

~ Our Little Precious Angel Brianna~  / Leslie Ogden (Mother)

I was in my 39 weeks pregnant with you & you were healthy all the way through till I went to the doctors on Nov.8th & They couldn"t hear a heart beat for you so the doctor told us to go to the hospital right away. I was then induced for Labor for you. I had Brianna on Novembey 10th 2010 at 11:48 am. It was sad for Mom & Dad to see you like you were with the cord wrapped around you. You were very precious to both of us & were very cute little girl who know is our little angel to us. we both  were sad when we found out there was no heart beat for you plus we both had cried when we got to hold you in our arms when you came out. Mommy& Daddy were very excited to have you with us until we heard the sad news. we gotten an autopsy of our little girl & it came back as being normal that nothen has cause it. when I went for my six week check up the doctor said it was from the cord & possiblity that it could of been from a blood clot. we miss you Brianna very much. it"s not the same without  you in our lives. We know you are now in Heaven with God & that you are our little precious angel by our sides all the time to protect us by looking over us all the time. Mommy & Daddy know we will see you some day & that we will all be together We love you Brianna very very much. It"s been very hard with the Holidays here without you with us. I know it will take time to make it through the Healing Process . The Key to Success is to stay Possitive & to stay Strong to make it through . I"m now at High Risk for being Pregnant.  I had to get blood work done to see if I have Thrombophilia since that's what the doctor thinks that could of made our baby girl stillborn besides the cord wrapped around her.we know our little girl is safe in Heaven with God.


xoxoxoxo with lots of hugs& kisses sent to you Brianna

We Love you very much Brianna & We miss you so much.


Love Alwaysxoxoxoxo Mom& Dad

R.I.P Beautiful Girl <3  / McKenna Jane Marshall (Aunty Brooke )

McKenna Jane Marshall Babygirl where to start i never got to meet you hold you or see your beautiful coloured eyes hear your laugh or hear your cry this christmas is going to be so hard as you should be here your first christmas with your beautiful mum and dad and your family who love you very much i know your gone to heaven and its so unfair but im not going to sit here and cry im going to smile and be happy that you brought your mother and father and family so much happiness the whole 9months you were inside your mum ! it will never ever stop hurting i just wish i got to meet you and you could of met your mother and father because they are the most amazing people ever ! they are such strong people just like im sure you would of been i miss you so much everyday and i just want you to know iloveyou so much you will always be my first niece ! and nothing can ever replace that rest in peace beautiful girl and ill be seeing you soon


McKenna Jane Marshall

28.08.2010   6pound 6ounces






D'artagnan James..... our little peanut  / Jamie L. (Mother)

D'artagnan James was stillborn on Oktober 10 2010 at 3:57 am.  He weighed only 11 oz and was 10 inches long.  I was 20 weeks pregnant when my water broke and had no other choice but to deliver my son knowing he would be too little to survive.  There is not a minute of the day that I do not think of my son.  His daddy and I miss him more than words could ever describe.  I know my little peanut is in Heaven and I know I will see him again one day but until I life will never be the same. 

D.J. We miss you!!!

To my niece Stella Kaye  / Karl Weber (Uncle)

Little one

My heart breaks for your mother and father. By no fault of yours the stay you had here with us was cut short. Gods plans are perfect so perfect we dont have the eyes to see them and barely the ears to hear them. Mei your days be so bright they spill over onto us. I pray that in every hug we share between each other there you will be. That as we pray to our Lord for his peace in our hearts you will be listening at his side. You are a miracle still made in His image you have and never will fail us... Good noght our little angel.

give God a big hug for me...

Love always and forevermore

Uncle Karl Aunte Kate Annabelle and Carson....  

Our Little Angel Kyla May Oliver  / Stephanie Graham (Mother)

As I prepare myself for Kyla's one year anniversary this week I feel the tears building inside of me. I lost Kyla at 31 weeks on the 21st of Oktober 2009. I cant believe it has been a year as I remember everything like it was yesterday. I am lucky to have Hannah my 3yr old who has helped me to be strong and move forward over this past year. I started looking for a memorium poem and its really hard to find that special one that fits and is unique. I think I will try and write my own. 

Its lovely (well not really) but Its nice to see people out there who have been through the loss of a baby/child using this website and others to acknowledge and remember their loss. For me talking about it was one of the best ways that helped me grieve. Thankyou. And Kyla not a day goes by that I dont think of you and wish so much that things were different.

I should be holding you  / Jennifer Ames (Mommy)
It's my due date today augustus 13 2010. I lost you 4 months ago Lucas and not a day has gone by that I don't think of you.  I miss you and ache to hold you. I wish I could be telling you Happy Birthday and Welcome to the World and listening to your beautiful cry.

Lucas Benjamin Ames
9:00 a.m.
 1 lb 1 oz.
 9 3/4 in.

I love you baby boy
My Little Angel Faith  / Faith De La Torre (mommy)
Faith De la Torre born a precious sleeping angel on Mei 30th 2010 at 2:12am 7lbs 20 1/2in. Mommy was so excited when she found out she was pregnant... And when they said your having another girl daddy was happy cause he was going to pick out your name. Then when I went into labor and daddy rushed us to the hospital they could'nt find your heartbeat I knew you were gone... That was the saddest day of our lives.. Sister and brother are always talking about you ans I tell them that your in heaven watching over us... I miss you so much...
Heartbreaking / Dianne Jones (None)
My condolences to all of you.   I can only imagine your pain.   The pictures of your tiny babies are beautiful.   I think it's wonderful that you have chosen to share them with us.   It validates them.  They were here they were loved and always will be.  Sincerely  dj
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