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Memorial Candles
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Tate Travis lit a candle on 01/02/2016: "N memory of my sweet little boy mommy loves you and mi$as you Angel kisses to heaven from me"
Anna Day lit a candle on 01/01/2016: "I never met you, but I know you're watching me in Heaven, Ansley. You're still my big sister."
Josiah Barksdale lit a candle on 12/25/2015: "Merry Christmas my prince I lost you dec 19th 2015 I love you so much baby doll rest sweet my dear son mommy loves you"
Killians Mom Xxxxxxxxoooo lit a candle on 12/25/2015: "Merry Christmas little ones, we miss & love you ."
Gerri Barsotti lit a candle on 12/24/2015: "ELLA BRIANNA. Merry Xmas. Tell Jesus's bb. I miss u aalways always love NONNI"
Fr. John Peater lit a candle on 12/21/2015: "please light a candle for all the little angels who have past on into Gods kingdom"
Rose Becker lit a candle on 12/14/2015: "We all miss you so much, Shelby. My sweet, beautiful girl. You are in our hearts forever."
Jennifer lit a candle on 12/07/2015: "I miss you every second of every day Piper Jean."
Chancla Romeros lit a candle on 12/06/2015: "you will always be my child. here or not. 12/7/15"
Bambi Summers lit a candle on 12/05/2015: "I miss you coutland. Rip"
Ruth Ann Beam lit a candle on 12/01/2015: "Mommy and daddy love u so very much baby girl!! We will be together soo!! Mommy and daddy miss u so very much!"
Little Brian Weseman lit a candle on 11/30/2015: "Mommy and brothers never will forget u!!! We love and miss u so much and will c u again..."
Leanne Leonardo lit a candle on 11/27/2015: "Sorry"
Gerri Barsotti lit a candle on 11/24/2015: "Ella Brianna, 8-27-07. Happy Thanksgiving. I felt your presence this morning. Love you, Nonni"
Lillianne Merrow lit a candle on 11/19/2015: "Prayers go out to everyone who has lost their sweet baby. May God be with you all."
Darashaun Williams Jr lit a candle on 11/15/2015: "Gorgeous baby boy born on 10-17-15 @1lb"
Cynthia S. lit a candle on 11/14/2015: "May God bless you all forever!"
Killians Mom Keena lit a candle on 11/04/2015: "Hello little Angels, wow over a million visitors, bringing awareness to what happened 2 u all, we miss & luv U !! xxxxxx"
Zoah Scarlett lit a candle on 11/03/2015: "Miss you zoah you were so beautiful and so precious i love you"
Pepa Alavarez lit a candle on 11/02/2015: "I will always miss you my little piggy :'C"
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