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Helen lit a candle on 05/03/2016: "With love little Normie - 9 years today. Love you forever my precious one xxxxx"
Gerri Barsotti lit a candle on 04/26/2016: "Ella Briana, nonni misses you much. you were born a perfect angel. Save room for me in heaven. Love you"
E. Gg lit a candle on 04/24/2016: "Rip angels"
Killians Mom Keena lit a candle on 04/15/2016: "In your memory babies xxxxxxoooooooo God bless your families We miss you"
Natalie lit a candle on 04/14/2016: "I pray for all of you and your beautiful angels. God be with you."
Bambi Summers lit a candle on 04/10/2016: "courtland i love and miss you son you were born sleeping on july 4th 1993"
Yvonne Van Der Pol lit a candle on 03/30/2016: "god bless all the angels he decided to keep. may they rest in peace. im sorry for all the mothers and their losses"
Yvonne Van Der Pol lit a candle on 03/30/2016: "i want to light a candle for all angels god has decided to keep. may they rest in peace <3"
Sondra Holder lit a candle on 03/21/2016: "As a mother my heart breaks for all love hugs and healing"
Fabian Castañeda lit a candle on 03/20/2016: "I'm so sorry for all those babies that are dead now. God will receive them, God bless this mother and all his childrens"
Anonymous lit a candle on 03/17/2016: "My roommate lost her son. Im sorry to all of u. Rip"
Mich lit a candle on 03/15/2016: "My sister lost her baby. It was I hard for her to let him go. Don't know how to help her. I am so sorry."
Andrea Jones lit a candle on 03/15/2016: "My heart breaks for all of this loss, yet smiles for each sweet angel you all have created! ❤️"
Cheryl Watson lit a candle on 03/12/2016: "My heart goes out to these precious souls and the families who are affected by the tragedy. May you find peace."
Nicole Jourdan lit a candle on 03/08/2016: "I may not know the pain you are experiencing but i care and i wish the bedt for you all"
Anonymous Angel (17 Years Old) lit a candle on 03/02/2016: "To all the grieving mothers, your angel will be waiting in heaven for you. Remember that and be strong for them."
Angel Johnson lit a candle on 02/28/2016: "My sweet neice. Angel Rose Born Feb. 26, 2016"
Gerri Barsotti lit a candle on 02/24/2016: "Ella Brianna, wishing you were here. I look at your only pic that I have of u on a daily basis. Love, Nonnie"
Taylor Raffle lit a candle on 02/20/2016: "Not a mother, but apologies to all parents that has lost their little angels. <3"
Kay Martin lit a candle on 02/17/2016: "My heart goes out to you all."
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