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Memorial Candles
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Cindy Guadalupe Facio Fuentes lit a candle on 03/26/2015: "we love you mi niña always an our heart."
Gerri Barsotti lit a candle on 03/24/2015: "Ella Brianna, Happy Easter to my sunshine. Miss you everyday. May you shine your light on me. Love u, Nonni"
Onesimus Gomez lit a candle on 03/19/2015: "March 20,2003 You will always have a special beat in my heart I miss you terribly I love you! Happy 12th Birthday Hito!"
Krista Meador lit a candle on 03/10/2015: "Londynn, Mommy's Beautiful Princess. I Love You And Miss You Soo Much. Take Care Of Daddy And Cousin Dreven. I Love You"
Gerri Barsotti lit a candle on 02/27/2015: "Ella Brianna, born 8-27-07, miss you everyday.Miss playing with you but one day we will. Love Nonni"
Gerri Barsotti lit a candle on 01/25/2015: "Ella Brianna, Miss you my little angel. Always in my thoughts. Love you, Nonni"
Killians Mom Xxxooo lit a candle on 01/21/2015: "Lighting this candle n honor of our beautiful babies that have gone too soon. We love u xxx"
Jane Blake lit a candle on 01/16/2015: "Blessings to all these little angels and his families."
Just A. Tribute To All Stillborn Angels lit a candle on 01/14/2015: "babies, are having a great time up there being raised by the best people and god. Just hold on mums"
Jen Lispor lit a candle on 01/11/2015: "I am so very sorry for all of the mothers and families who has to go through this. I love you."
Jude Aumack lit a candle on 01/10/2015: "Mommy misses you more than you'll ever know ."
Kyle Joshua Thackery lit a candle on 01/08/2015: "Happy 18th Birthday Love and miss you with all my heart always Mum xxxx"
Nicole SE lit a candle on 01/08/2015: "I have great respect for this site. God bless all the grieving families, but be sure that your children rest with God ♥"
Angie Cazorla lit a candle on 01/07/2015: "All my blessings for the families that lost this precious treasures. I hope that you can feel fine and have more babies"
Spencer Kirk Leslie lit a candle on 01/06/2015: "2-2-2000. I miss you everyday.momma"
Lucy Johnson lit a candle on 01/04/2015: "Little angels, They regret from the bottom of my soul each of these losses, be strong, they love them."
Lauren Bathory lit a candle on 01/01/2015: "Much love for all the parents of this babys, Im´m mother too and can imagine the pain to lost a child, keep strong."
Ashley Haight lit a candle on 12/31/2014: "I love you cian love mommy"
Amelia Thomas lit a candle on 12/29/2014: "My deepest condolences to all mothers, fathers and families of these beautiful angels. Lots of love."
Amy lit a candle on 12/28/2014: "You are all in my heart and in my prayers. Love to you all."
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