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Rebekah Robson lit a candle on 10/13/2014: "Sleep tight our angel baby lilly Rose Robson-Craiggs. We miss you every second of every day xxx"
Lilly Rose Robson-Craiggs lit a candle on 10/13/2014: "We miss you always our sleeping angel, rest peacefully love from daddy, mammy and your big sister Courtney xxx"
Samantha Smith lit a candle on 10/02/2014: "My angle born at 33 weeks in 2001, still wonder about what could of been. love you always x"
Royce Isaiah Goines lit a candle on 10/02/2014: "Our little angle may you rest in peace 9/30/14 1 lb 5oz Rick Goines and Jessica Mathis"
Rick Isaac Goines lit a candle on 10/02/2014: "Rest in peace sweet love .you will always be remembered 9/30/14 1lb 3oz Rick goines and Jessica mathis"
Helen lit a candle on 09/27/2014: "Thinking of you tonight my little one. Always in my heart Angel Normie love Mommy xxxxx"
Dana Scandura lit a candle on 09/26/2014: "I never expierenced such a loss, but for those that have, blessings and love to your babies. They are always with you."
Luke Roberson lit a candle on 09/26/2014: "Mama and daddy miss u .... You are blessing my sweeties ...... my heart died on April 2nd at 10:07 pm"
Gerri Barsotti lit a candle on 09/24/2014: "Ella Briana - 8/27/07 Miss u so much. Think of you more and more. Love u, Nonni"
Mariah Berube lit a candle on 09/21/2014: "Mariah Rose 9-5-2014 grandma and mommy miss you and love you so much angel baby."
Bambi Summers lit a candle on 09/20/2014: "mommy misses you everyday you died 7 4 82 stillborn"
Killians Mom Xoxoxox lit a candle on 09/03/2014: "hello lil a candle 2 honor all the sweet ones gone way 2 soon, hugs to Heaven xxxxx kisses to my babys"
Marilyn MacKenzie lit a candle on 08/28/2014: "Charles William MacKenzie. We call you Chucky Bill for short. It happened a long time ago, but I will never forget. 1/81"
Gerri Barsotti lit a candle on 08/27/2014: "Ella Briana - Happy 7th Birthday. Wish u were here for us to celebrate, but lots of love and balloons coming your way"
Pawnee Carter lit a candle on 08/27/2014: "To my first grandchild, Lily Michelle McKeel, we love you! Born into Heaven 08/26/2014 1937 hours. 22 weeks."
Auntie LouLou &. Dejay lit a candle on 08/21/2014: "Happy Birthday Javon! Hope your having fun with all the other angels. Miss you to the moon and back xoxo"
June Seed lit a candle on 08/08/2014: "To my beautiful son Liam who died on the 7/8/1993 & was born on the 9th. 21 years have passed so quickly & still I cry."
Melanie Angarano lit a candle on 07/31/2014: "We miss you Megan Love! Love you so much! Not a day goes by when your not on my mind! 💗 love Mommy, Elli, and Tino"
Joseph Pooley lit a candle on 07/24/2014: "thinking of u day my lil man."
T. GONZALEZ lit a candle on 07/19/2014: "My sweet angel Z.A.G. happy 10th birthday in heaven! Mommy, daddy, and Z love you always and forever. 7/19/04"
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