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Keena Killians Mom lit a candle on 12/29/2013: "hello lil sweethearts, I know ur Christmas was full of wonder & joy w/Jesus, but how we miss u & luv u so much!"
Agnes Sliman lit a candle on 12/27/2013: "My twin grandbabies Daniel 28/9/13 & Keira 17/10/13 both born asleep I love you and miss you xxx"
Daniel And Keira Munro lit a candle on 12/27/2013: "Daniel born asleep 28/9/13 and his win Keira born asleep 17/10/13 together forever xxx"
Sheryl Kolka lit a candle on 12/24/2013: "Merry Christmas in heaven sweet Kobe. Grandma loves you very much.."
Sheila B. lit a candle on 12/23/2013: "Miss you my little boy! Today and every day, you are in my heart."
Ashley Marshall lit a candle on 12/21/2013: "I miss u so much xxxxxx"
Gerri Barsotti lit a candle on 12/18/2013: "Ella, Merry Christmas. Wish you were with us. U are always missed and loved. Nonni"
Serenity Mommy's lit a candle on 12/17/2013: "It's wood of been almost time for your first Christmas mommy misses you and loves you very much Merry Christmas baby"
Shalicia Williams lit a candle on 12/17/2013: "Its been 24 days since u my sweet baby Sofia were born asleep. Ill love u 4evr & miss u always!!!"
Christina Grifgith lit a candle on 12/12/2013: "Valerie Rose i miss u and love you so. Waiting for the day we meet again. Mommy loves you forever."
Danny Ogden lit a candle on 12/11/2013: "a candle will be lite for my daughter she would have been 3 years and 1 month old today i miss & love u Brianna a lot"
Deanna Murrin lit a candle on 12/08/2013: "In loving memory of Gauge, born sleeping on 11/3/2010 at 35 weeks. Not a day goes by that we don't think of you."
William Warren lit a candle on 12/02/2013: "EMommy daddy sis n bubby love n miss u so much hope ur haven fun with the lord but we wish u were with us lil man xoxo"
Eleana Rose Rudicd lit a candle on 12/01/2013: "born asleep 11th june 4 wks before her due date how lovely u where my darling daddy x nanna wanted u so much so much xx"
Merle Stober lit a candle on 11/29/2013: "For Connor Samuels born sleeping 18/04/2013 Your Nan misses you my little angel."
Emmence Brooke lit a candle on 11/18/2013: "Thinking of you baby girl. Your mommy is a special friend of mine."
Serenity's Mommy lit a candle on 11/17/2013: "Mommy miss u so much its so hard for me right now cuz of the holidays I should be sharing them with you lvu always mommy"
Penny Black lit a candle on 11/17/2013: "I love u and miss u everyday I will never stop thinking about u your mommys angel serenity"
Desiree Monique Mata lit a candle on 11/06/2013: "forever in my Heart"
Kim McNeil lit a candle on 11/02/2013: "I was in the room when an angel was born. We love you so much Ashton. Born sleeping 14-06-12"
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